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Song titleDurationBitrate 
 listen preview1.Intro01:17192Download mp3
 listen preview2.Hypnotic03:34192Download mp3
 listen preview3.Utopia03:15192Download mp3
 listen preview4.Brown Eyes03:47192Download mp3
 listen preview5.Can You Imagine04:14192Download mp3
 listen preview6.Emotional (Skit)01:05192Download mp3
 listen preview7.Emotional03:49192Download mp3
 listen preview8.Objects in the Mirror03:22192Download mp3
 listen preview9.Over Now03:36192Download mp3
 listen preview10.Get it Girl03:14192Download mp3
 listen preview11.Treasure03:38192Download mp3
 listen preview12.Perfect Girl03:23192Download mp3
 listen preview13.If I Just Believe04:14192Download mp3
 listen preview14.Brown Eyes (Remix) (Feat. Mighty Mike)04:12192Download mp3
 listen preview15.Hypnotic (Remix) (Feat. Najee)03:33192Download mp3
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