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Song titleDurationBitrate 
 listen preview1.Psyclone Rangers03:33192Download mp3
 listen preview2.Iggy Pop04:40192Download mp3
 listen preview3.The Waterboys03:07192Download mp3
 listen preview4.Bogie Boys03:40192Download mp3
 listen preview5.T-Rex02:45192Download mp3
 listen preview6.The Clash02:47192Download mp3
 listen preview7.Led Zeppelin03:15192Download mp3
 listen preview8.Montrose04:30192Download mp3
 listen preview9.L.A. Guns03:55192Download mp3
 listen preview10.Rudie Rivare03:04192Download mp3
 listen preview11.L.A. Guns03:48192Download mp3
 listen preview12.Dangerous Games (Philip Lewis)03:22192Download mp3
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